Anxiety is normal for most individuals, but to some, it is an overwhelming mental condition that can hamper both the personal and professional aspects of life. If you not wish to predict the foulest outcome always, have chronic muscle pain, and avoid conflicting situations – symptoms of anxiety disorder, please go through the following write-up. It explores remedies approved by top therapists of the world.

Practice Deep Breathing

The professionals carrying out the best therapy for anxiety said that breathing becomes rapid, erratic, and shallow during an anxiety attack, which alleviates the amount of oxygen content in the brain. Thus, trigger panic. Try to take deep breaths so blood flows into the brain and puts you back in track. Studies have shown that deep breathing for a prolonged period can provide relief from stress. Amazing, right?

Lie on the back and place a book on the belly. Now breathe deeply with the belly. When you inhale air, the book will go up, and when you exhale, the book will come down. Hold the breath in between for two seconds. Practice deep breathing ten times twice a day for an anxious free life.

Face Fears

Never ignore or run away from the things that cause anxiety in you unless they are life-threatening. You need to face your fears directly, or they would always have full control over everything you do. It is the same as living in a prison.

You can talk to a qualified therapist about your fears, especially if you have been exposed to trauma in your childhood or early adulthood. There is a wide range of proven methods that have helped people overcome symptoms brought on by disturbing experiences. Confiding in someone you trust regarding your fears – be it a friend or family member, also helps to a great extent.

Change Negative Thinking Patterns

Be attentive about the thoughts going on in your mind and chalk them down if they make any sense. Often during anxiety attacks, the thoughts distort and must be externally challenged. Killing the negative images conjuring automatically seems like a viable option.

Studies have shown that ANT or automatic negative thinking is intrinsically associated with anxiety. This means having negative thoughts can force you to be nervous or panicked. Learn how to detect and then replace the ANT with realistic and positive thoughts, which allow you to control your responses better.

According to the experts offering the best therapy for anxiety, when the feeling of nervousness starts setting in, make sure to concentrate on the aforementioned remedies. Do not rush to get rid of all the symptoms, but work your way slowly to the sources of anxiety and eliminate them one after another with utmost caution. Always remember that mental conditions are curable.